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Daily & Weekly Features

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  • SECURING AMERICA   Mon-Fri. The war on terror and other national security issues explored in-depth.
  • MILITARY MATTERS    2-3 times per week.  News about our military, the men and women who serve and protect our country, and our veterans



  • DONALD TRUMP'S AMERICA - Mon-Fri. The latest developments on how the President and his policies are changing the nation.
  • AEHQ (America's Election Headquarters) - 2-3 times per week.  Focusing on the 2018 Midterm Elections and the fight for control of Congress
  • MEDIA MINUTE  Mon-Fri.  Fox's Howard Kurtz takes a critical look at how the media covers the news.
  • POLLPOURRI    Mondays.  Crunching and making sense of the latest poll numbers from Fox News Polling Director Dana Blanton
  • THE SPEAKER'S LOBBY    2-3 times per week.  Fox's Chad Pergram's in-depth and often humorous take on the inner workings of Congress.
  • PIRO TO THE PEOPLE-Weekly.  Each week Fox's Todd Piro visits "Middle America" to see what's on the mind of average folks.



  • FOX ON FILM - Mondays, Fridays  On Monday, what films topped the weekend box office. On Friday, a look at new premieres. 
  • FOX ROCKS -Tuesdays  Fox Entertainment Reporter MIchelle Pollino has the latest happenings in rock and pop music.
  • FOX COUNTRY - Wednesdays - No one covers Country Music better than Fox News.  
  • FOX TUBE - Thursdays.  What's over the air, what's on cable, and what's streaming.
  • FOX CELEBRITY PROFILE  Mon-Fri  Fox Entertainment Reporter Ashley Dvorkin interviews all the top stars
  • BONUS TRACK  - Wednesdays. Fox's Laura Ingle takes you "deep inside the music"
  • FOX ON STAGE - Thursdays. All things Broadway from Jane Metzler, plus theatrical happenings across America



  • FOX IN THE FAST LANE - Friday's during racing season. All things NASCAR from Fox's Matt Napolitano 
  • FOX ON FOOTBALL  -Fridays Nov-Feb  NFL and college football coverage including the playoffs, bowl games, BCS championship , and Super Bowl



  • HOUSECALL FOR HEALTH - Mon-Sat.  Important health news about issues people care about. 
  • THE DEAN'S LIST - Mon-Fri.  Fox's Janice Dean bestows a daily honor on people who make life better in America.
  • ON THIS DATE - Mon-Sun.  A look at the major historical events that happened each day of the year. 
  • FOX ON TECH -  Mon-Fri.  Fox's Brett Larson heads up our team keeping you ahead of the fast-changing tech world.
  • FOX ON JUSTICE - Mon-Fri.  Crime, courts, and Constitutional issues. Plus who's suing who? 



  • TAX TIPS - Mon-Fri  from Jan-Mar.  Our popular series of consumer-friendly taxpayer pointers from Gerri Willis of the Fox Business Network 
  • SAVING YOU MONEY -Wednesdays.  You work hard for your money.  Linda Bell with the Fox Business Network helps you spend it wisely.
  • WHAT YOU GET FOR YOUR MONEY - Weekends.  Useful and humorous consumer advice from Fox's Derricke Dennis.
  • FOX AND FOOD - Weekends. Each week our Lillian Woo cooks up something delicious.
  • FOX ON LOVE - Weekends.  How to meet someone special, how to navigate through bumps in your relationship, how to plan a wedding, and more.
  • STRANGE INHERITANCE - Mondays.  The popular Fox Business Network series..with Jamie Colby. That "junk" in your attic could be worth a fortune!


  • FOX ON FAITH - Weekends.  Religion is an under-reported topic, but not when Fox's Lauren Green is on the case. 
  • FOX ON FAMILY - Fridays. The most challenging job of all.. rasing your kids, with Fox's Lisa Brady.
  • TAKE A PAWS  - Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Paws, hooves, feathers, gills..from our animal-loving Jill Nado.
  • FOX WHEELS - Mondays.  Americans spend so much time in their cars.  Fox's Jeff Monosso has everything drivers and car-owners want to know. 
  • AMERICA'S TALKING - Fridays. Each week, we ask Americans to weigh in on topics both serious and light 
  • WORD OF THE WEEK -  Weekends.  Fox's Hank Weinbloom riffs on a word that's been making news.



  • THE WEEK AHEAD - Sundays.  A preview of expected events in the coming week.
  • FOREIGN DISPATCH - Weekends.  News from around the world.
  • BULLET POINTS -Thursdays. The ongoing debate over the 2nd Amendment, plus useful news for hunting and shooting enthusiasts.
  • FOX BITS - Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Gamers rejoice. This is your feature. Fox's Eammonn Dignman has what you need to know.